Group Profile

Since the establishment, the Group is actively pursuing optimized adjustment of industrial structure. Now the group takes land engineering as its core business, technically backed up by land engineering research. And it has realized a diversified development covering exploitation of mineral resources,real estate development, hotel, logistics and etc...

Over the years, the Group persists in implementing innovation-driven and technology-led strategies, owning 9 research platforms including Key Laboratory of Land Engineering for Degraded and Unused Land. The Group Company has undertaken a number of national-level and provincial-level research projects successively and has reached national leading level and international advanced standards in the study of land engineering research field. The group takes the lead in proposing the construction of land engineering discipline and builds the first college of land engineering with Chang’an University, forms a complete training system from undergraduate-master-doctor. The Group clings to  "One Belt and One Road" opportunity and expands foreign cooperation and communication on science and technology, establishes close cooperative relations successively with international top universities and institutions, such as Stanford, Cambridge, MIT, ICMA and also establishes Sino-US Center for Ecological Land Engineering and Technology with California, Davis (UC Davis), achieving the connection with international economy and technology.

In recent years,the group has won advanced collectives of national land resource management system, advanced collectives of science and technology and international cooperation in 12th Five-Year Plan Period, Shaanxi provincial advanced collectives, 2018 Provincial Enterprises Excellent Award of Return on Equity for High-quality Development and Provincial Enterprises Contribution Award for Income Turned in for High-quality Development and was named National May 1st Labor Certificate in 2019.

The Group has undertaken three missions of strengthening land consolidation business, focusing land engineering research, optimizing social and economic benefits and gradually becomes a large state-owned modern enterprise with diversified operation, professional classification, standardized management and leapfrogging development.

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