Key Land Reclamation Projects in Shaanxi Province

Yulin Ton-grain Field Pilot Project


Name:Chaheze of Yuyang District, Yulin Land Development Project

Introduction: This project is located in Chaheze town of Yuyang district,Yulin. With implement scale 5612mu, it was grassland and desert before developing, which will increase 5381mu paddy fields by using blending technology of sandstone and desert. After implement, it will improve local transportation, water resource, electric conditions, and increase grain yield to 4000 kilos potato per mu and 800 kilos corn per mu.



Yanan Land Reclamation Pilot Project


Name:Nanniwan Land Reclamation Project

Introduction: This project is located in Nanniwan County of Baota district, Yanan. With implement scale 8867mu, it was grassland and inefficient land before developing, which would recover 4000mu derelict land after this project implements, including 1500mu high standard paddy fields and some other high standard irrigable land.

This project could improve water resource utilization efficiency by constructing block, store, drain water system, could better production condition and efficiency by dividing fields scientifically, could build Nanniwan as a demonstration project by combing innovative technology and engineering measures.



Weibei Platform Region Land Reclamation Pilot Project


Name: Leijiahe village, Chengcheng County Land Reclamation Project 

Introduction: With implement scale 660mu and newly increasing irrigable land 480mu, this project is located in Leijiahe village of Chengcheng county, Weinan. Through constructing agriculture, water resources, transportation facilities and forest net, this project improves the farming condition, land use efficiency and land classification, and enables its land to block, drain, irrigate and store water, which contributes to the fulfillment of agricultural mechanization, scaled production and intensification.

Five Demonstration Projects

Weibei Platform Region Land Reclamation Pilot Project (Quality Projects Included)




Wetland Pilot Project


Name: Land reclamation project at six zone of Fanjia Town, Dali County

Introduction: This project is located in Yingtian Zone of Dali County, with Yellow River to the east and villages to the west. With implement scale 7980mu, it was tideland before developing, which would increase 7460mu paddy fields after this project implements.

Contribution: This project explores a new way of land reclamation of combining the wetland protection and farmland protection, wetland agriculture and sightseeing agriculture, land reclamation and beautiful village, which also contributes to the protection of wetland along the Yellow river and comprehensive land reclamation.



Xian Area Dryland to Paddy Fields Project


Introduction: This project covers 25 districts of Xian, Xianyang, Weinan and Yangling, alongside of Jing River, Wei River and branch of South Mountain. With implement scale 550 thousands mu, it will create 500 thousands of paddy fields which mainly used for rice cultivation, lotus cultivation and fish-farming.

Contribution: This project will benefit for the supplying of underground water, the improving of water use efficiency as well as the ecological environment of Xian district, the optimizing of land use construction, the raising of agricultural production capacity, so as to provide new space for  regional coordination, urban and rural coordination, harmonious development of people-land-water.


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