Jichang Han visit American Rick manufacturing company

Reading amount: 6700 release date: 2016-07-15


Sep 5th to 6th, Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Executive director, general manger Jichang Han with other 5 people went to American Rick manufacturing company, CEO Chris Rose and vice president Bob received delegation.

During the visiting, group negotiated with Rick Company about issues on comprehensive cooperation agreement. After that the delegation inspected and learned equipment production workshop, also visited American agriculture planting model and sprinkling irrigation system.


Executive director, general management Jichang Han, CEO, Operation deputy director Rose, and International vice presendent Bob, have a tour in sprinkler equipment production workshop.

As the second big sprinkler equipment manufacturer and marketer, Rick Company is the one of earliest large sprinkler equipment manufacturer in the word. It has 30% global market share, over 50 countries and regions. In China its agriculture watering machines are very popular.




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