About Convening 2017 MIT ILP Global Innovation (Xi’an) Forum (First-round Announcement) Activate Innovation Impetus, Remodel Land Ecology

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October 29-31, 2017, Xi’an , China


Sponsors: Department of Land and Resources of Shaanxi Province; State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province; Shaanxi Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Hosted by: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Industrial Liaison Program (MIT ILP); Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Disruptive innovation brought by science and technology development will drive transformation of traditional enterprises and industries. To practice the mission of technology serving for mankind, promoting social & economic progress via technological innovation, the 2017 MIT ILP Global Innovation (Xi’an) Forum will bring Sino-American scholars and leaders from academia, industry and government together with leading MIT experts, to explore the new path of fusion innovation and international cooperation. The forum will focus on frontier research work and implementation of novel materials, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data in land ecology, humanity and education industries.

Land, regarding as the most basic means of production bears the living and development of mankind. With the development of social economy and technology, Internet cloud brain and AI constantly integrate into all aspects of human life and provide more effective methods of material and structure research of soil mass reconstruction and land ecological construction. AI and land eco-utilization shall predict, affect and even create the future.

‘Activate Innovation Impetus, Remodel Land Ecology’ conference is to discuss the research and development and extract of materials of soil mass organic reconstruction and the construction of organic soil mass structure, technical measures of land ecological construction, the application of Al in soil mass engineering field and predict the future development of land and human.

In various forms, the conference will include plenary session, special topic forum (technical innovation forum, engineering innovation forum, etc.) and private session.

Keynote Speech

Keynote speaker: professors from MIT, leaders and scholars from industry, academia and government other American universities and domestic related fields; well-known scholars from enterprises and institutions; especially experts who research on land ecological, materials of soil mass organic reconstruction, functions and structures of organic soil mass, wisdom homeland, artificial intelligence and STEM education.

Important dates and venues

19 October, 2017——Deadline for register

29 October, 2017——Check-in date

30-31 October, 2017——Conference date

Conference place: Academic exchange center of Key Laboratory of Degraded and Unused Land Consolidation Engineering, the Ministry Of Land and Resources of China (NO. 439 Xingtai 7th Road, Weiyang District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China)

Accommodation place: Xi'an Jinjiang International Hotel (close to Chanba Peninsula)

Other issues

The conference Affairs Group will arrange the pick up at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, Xi’an Railway Station and Xi’an North Railway Station on 29, October 2017.

The conference accepts unpublished articles (electronic copy in Chinese or English). Conference reports and excellent articles will be published on Land Development and Engineering Research. The Journal welcomes contributions from you!

Contact information

ContactsQu Shaodong

Tel: 029-88489583

Email: [email protected]Register),[email protected]Contributions

Address: Shaanxi Land Engineering Construction Group, No.7 Guangtai Road, Gaoxin District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province



                            Preparatory Committee of    MIT ILP Global Innovation (Xi’an) Forum

                            20 September, 2017



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